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Bulls In Haiku: Heat 85, Bulls 75

Derrick Rose feels the defensive pressure from Miami’s LeBron James in the second half (Tribune photo by Chris Sweda) Miami’s defense Showed up Wednesday for game two Bulls’ offense was weak Ten points in the fourth Not enough to catch up to  LeBron and his friends NBA Eastern Conference Finals – Bulls 1, Heat 1

Free Agent Haiku: Bulls Sign Boozer

Bulls don’t get LeBron But do sign Carlos Boozer A fine addition In Cleveland, they’ll boo At UC we’ll yell, “Booooooo”zer Like in the sixties

Rumors In Haiku: Bulls Hit or Bullshit?

A LeBron James billboard at the intersection of LaSalle and Grand (Chicago Tribune photo by Antonio Perez LeBron James a Bull? There a rumor going ’round But it might be bull. Just one unnamed source Says, “I think it’s a done deal” Should we be so sure? The same guy says Bosh Is coming to... Read more »

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 7, Indians 2

  Sox beat Indians Will Chicago beat Cleveland In LeBron battle?  

Bulls in Haiku: Presidential Opinions

POTUS ObamaWeighs in on speculationLebron to the Bulls?

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 86, Cavaliers 85

James and Shaq? So what!The Bulls still pull out the win.Defense was the key.