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Cubs Con In Haiku: Day 2

Saturday startedWith Hall of Fame autographFrom Andre Dawson Convention vets know that everyone gets a scratch off ticket for a chance to win an autograph from the most popular Cubs.  We were lucky enough to win an Andre Dawson autograph. It meant missing the “Meet The Owners” session, but I think it was worth it. ... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Mets 6, Cubs 2

Big Z fans sevenBut Cubs leave 12 men on baseGregg and Grabow fail September ball gamesWe thought would be so crucialLooking meaningless

Cubs in Haiku: Padres 4, Cubs 1

Sixth blown save for GreggBut there are others to blameCubs scored just one run

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 6, Rockies 5

This time bullpen holdsMarmol strikes out three in eighthGregg saves it in ninth

Cubs Fan Anger In Haiku: Kevin Gregg

All the Gregg hatredMade the #Cubs and Kevin GreggBoth trending topics Shortly after the end of Sunday’s Cubs-Marlins game, two of the trending topics on Twitter were “#Cubs” and “Kevin Gregg”.  Cubs fans were angry. Since I’m blogging about this, you know that several of the angry tweets were in haiku. Here’s a sampling …... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Marlins 3, Cubs 2

Fox home run in ninthMeant the Cubs would win – we thoughtThen Gregg served up two

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 5, Reds 3

Kevin Hart looks good Aaron Heilman? Not so much But Gregg saves the day  Is Cubs offense back?  Seven Wrigley Field home runs In the last two games