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Cubs In Haiku: Dodgers 12, Cubs 2

Seagulls might not have outnumbered fans during a cold day at Wrigley, but they certainly had a better time (Chicago Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez) Raindrops kept falling As did hits from Dodger bats Cubs bats cold as temps The Cubs never had a chance …  To be sure, the swarms of seagulls enjoyed the... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Athletics 15, Cubs 7

Tribune Photo by Phil Velasquez First Spring Traning game Started out promisingly Then it fell apart Zambrano was sharp But Garza disappointed As did Justin Berg Cubs fans celebrated for two innings – good offense in the first built a 4 run lead and Zambrano pitched 2 no-hit innings with 2 strike outs.  But, as... Read more »

Cubs in Haiku: Padres 5, Cubs 1

Six rookie pitchers Plus Colvin, Castro, Barney Also, Castillo That’s ten Cubs rookies The most ever in one game But it gets “better” In all of baseball No team has used more rookies Before September