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Cubs in Haiku: Cubs 1, White Sox 0

Ted Lilly leaves the game in the ninth inning. (Chicago Tribune photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo) How ’bout Ted Lilly? Takes no-hitter into ninth Cubs win with one run Marmol’s “home made jam” Almost gave White Sox a sweep But he recovered And then Joe Morgan Reluctant to name Lilly Player of the Game Yes, my... Read more »

Eights Nights In Haiku: Chanukah Miracles

To all those like me,Menorah lighting Cubs fansHappy Chanukah G-d did miraclesFor us back in ancient daysWe need some right now First, Milton BradleyPlease convince another teamTo take him from us Second, the outfieldKosuke can play out in rightBut who plays center? Some pitching would helpOne starter, one relieverJust might be enough You know that... Read more »