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Bulls In Haiku: Bulls 103, Heat 82

You can’t watch this video too many times The Bulls dominate And cool down Miami’s Heat  With a big blowout  Whether TAJ Mahal  NOAH’s Ark or ROSE Garden All spectacular

Bulls In Haiku: Bulls 104, Pacers 99

Tribune photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo A big comeback win Losing with a minute left Bulls come out on top They had to make up a huge deficit, and they did …  Trailing or tied for the first 47 minutes, 12 seconds, the Bulls feasted on their penchant for overcoming adversity, taking their first lead on... Read more »

Bulls In Haiku: Bulls 110, Raptors 93

Win streak hits seven But can this trend continue Without Noah’s thumb?

Bulls in Haiku: Celtics 104, Bulls 92

Bulls trail the whole game.Kevin Garnett got revengeFor “ugly” comments

Inertia in Haiku: Bulls 98, Bobcats 89

Objects in motionWill tend to stay in motion– Sir Isaac Newton Can the Bulls hold onto their winning inertia in the post-season? Would be an upsetBut as Noah said last night,“Let’s [go] shock the world!”

Injuries in Haiku: Hawks 116, Bulls 92

Rose’s knee in firstNoah’s plantar fasciitisDeng’s swollen left knee (Please forgive my syllables if you pronounce plantar fasciitis differently – I’ve heard it two different ways so I’m going to choose to use the one that fits my haiku.)

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 95, Heat 91

Bulls can take the HeatWithout Noah and ThomasDeng and Rose rocked it

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 96, Thunder 86

As said by Noah,“It all starts with Derrick Rose.”Bulls at five hundred.

Last Minute Changes in Haiku: Bulls 104, Rockets 97

Another Bulls winNoah out with injuryMiller called to start

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 110, Timberwolves 96

Two Bulls get 20K. Hinrich and J. NoahEnd a 3-game slide