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Cubs In Haiku: Red Sox 5, Cubs 1

All four branches of the military participated in a pre-game ceremony on Sunday Pregame – inspiring Cubs offense – disappointing Fenway Park – classic

Cubs In Haiku: Red Sox 15, Cubs 5

First game at Fenway Since 1918 Series Big disappointment Not only the game But the ‘GN broadcast team Was not inspiring It was Bill Buckner Sitting in for Bob Brenly Awful … just awful But it gave Cubs fans Something to complain about Besides the team’s play Some choice tweets from Friday night: @PWSullivan:  Best... Read more »

Ballparks In Haiku: We're Number Three

There’s no place like home The Bleacher Report Has ranked all thirty ballparks Wrigley’s number three Despite all of its problems (crumbling concrete, narrow concourse, small seats, minimal legroom) I still take great pleasure watching baseball at Wrigley Field each summer.  There’s nothing like walking up the stairs from the concourse to the box seat... Read more »