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Haiku Secrets: What? The Puck?

Hey all you Hawks fansIf you want the game’s box scoreJust click on the puck

Snow Storm In Haiku: Be Patient, Cubs Fans

Harry looks chillyBut don’t let the snow fool youBaseball’s coming soon Pitchers and catchersIn Mesa Feb seventeenthFirst spring game – March 4th You want Cubs tickets?Then February 19thIs the date to mark On April 13thThe Cubs will host the BrewersBaseball at Wrigley

Radio In Haiku: Well, That Was Fun

Bill Leff, Ed Nickow, and George Ofman My on air debutWith Bill Leff and George OfmanWent quite well, thank you. They wanted “clever”I didn’t have to be smartJust as I had hoped You didn’t hear it?Well today’s your lucky dayClick here to listen Thanks to Bill Leff, Matt Mattucci, and all the folks at ChicagoNow... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Sandberg To Succeed Piniella

The Iowa CubsJust got a new managerHis name is Ryno Number Twenty-ThreeOne step closer to WrigleyAfter Lou retires The Cubs announced Monday  that Hall of Fame second baseman Ryne Sandberg has been promoted from managing the Double-A Tennesee Smokies to the same job with the Triple-A Iowa Cubs.   It’s obvious now that whenever Piniella retires... Read more »

Thanksgiving Haiku: Why I'm Grateful

Spring training beginsLess than three months from todaySo let us give thanks  

Butts In Haiku: Devin Has A Cute One

Bears fans get a peek At 23’s bare behindIn case you missed it . . .

Oprah In Haiku: The Palin Effect?

This might be what Oprah looked liked after interviewing Sarah Palin Just coincidence?Oprah to announce show’s endFour days post-Palin. Politics is sport, right?  But even if it’s got nothing to do with sports, I just couldn’t resist a haiku or two about a couple of my least favorite female celebrities, both of whom made news... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Ricketts At Wrigley - 1962?

It looks like RickettsWas giving the Cubs moneyBack in ’62 It’s not the same “Ricketts”, and I’m not sure if the money for this rooftop ad went to the Cubs, but I found the interesting image above while looking for “Ricketts” photos on the Trib’s website. But is that the year?Blogger Al Yellon thinks notAt... Read more »

Patrick Sharp in Haiku: Sexiest Athlete in Chicago?

Agree with the team,or would you vote Patrick Sharpfor the sexiest?

First Cubs Game In Haiku: 98 Year Old Rino Stefani

Rino StefaniNinety-eight year old Cubs fanAttends his first game There’s a great story in today’s Daily Herald about Rino Stefani.  He must be the oldest Cubs fan who, until yesterday, had never been to Wrigley Field. How old is Rino? Die-Hard Cubs fan Rino Stefani is so old that when he was born, his mom... Read more »