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Blackhawks in Haiku: Devils 2, Blackhawks 1

Blackhawks in Haiku: Devils 2, Blackhawks 1
Hawks’ power play sucks It might have cost them the game or at least one point

Blackhawks in Haiku: Devils 5, Blackhawks 3

Jake Dowell fights with New Jersey’s Adam Mair during the first period. (Chicago Tribune Photo) Last place in the Leaguebut they come to the UCand can beat the Hawks

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 2, Devils 1

The Hawks were trailingwith only a minute leftbut win in shoot out. What’s the coolest part?There weren’t any penaltiesthroughout the whole game.

Blackhawks in Haiku: Blackhawks 5, Devils 1

Happy 2010!Blackhawks win to end the year!Devils go to hell.