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Cubs In Haiku: Braves 5, Cubs 3

  Derrek Lee got the greeting he deserved from Cubs fans on Friday. (Tribune Photo by Brian Cassella)     Lee’s Wrigley debut Wearing a Braves uniform Standing ovation   The wrong uniform And wrong number on his back Couldn’t get a hit   Then the wrong Marmol Was on the mound in the ninth... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Who's On First?

The Braves get Lee Cubs get three more young pitchers But who will play first? Almost as confusing as an Abbott and Costello routine, there’s no shortage of suggestions for who should play first for the Cubs now that Derrek Lee is moving to Atlanta.   Paul Sullivan wonders about Tyler Colvin, who last played... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 3, Cardinals 2

Lee and Ramirez Each contribute a home run Cubs win one run game!

Cubs In Haiku: Athletics 9, Cubs 5

Tyler Colvin is on the ground after misplaying a triple by Oakland’s Cliff Pennington and just before committing an error that allowed Pennington to score in the 7th inning. (Chicago Tribune photo by Chris Sweda) Don’t say this game was A comedy of errors It was not funny D. Lee and Colvin Showed how not... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 9, Brewers 4

Cubs home run derby Two by Byrd, Two by Soto And Lee’s 300th

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 3, Dodgers 0

Open in Google Docs Viewer Open link in new tab Open link in new window Download file Copy link address Dempster pitches eight Lee’s home run the cake’s icing Marmol’s save? Nasty!

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 12 Brewers 2

A home run derbyKosuke, Tylermania! ┬«Soto and D. Lee Dominant offenseCubs scored in seven inningsBrewers in just two Sweep to end road tripHelps ease Cubs fans’ depressionFrom this year’s slow start Monday at WrigleyA win against NationalsBack to .500 ┬« Tylermania! is a registered trademark of A League Of Her Own

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 7, Astros 2

Is Soriano starting to hustle again? Here he is stealing 3rd base in the 7th. (Photo by Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune) Good day at Wrigley Six-run seventh helped Cubs win Pitching? No earned runs! Silva lasts seven D. Lee smacks three run homer Back to .500 Open in Google Docs Viewer Open link in new... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 9, Brewers 5

A fine homecoming Nady, Baker and A-Ram All hit the long ball It would be nice if the Cubs weren’t relying so much on home runs, but it’s exciting when you see three of ’em in person on Opening Day.  There was even some nifty baserunning by Ryan Theriot, who stole two bases and (according... Read more »

Cubs in Haiku: Cubs 4, Reds 3

The bullpen does it! D-Lee defense helps Grabow Marmol gets three K’s. After a rocky start, Carlos Zambrano settled down and was tough through seven innings.  Home runs by Fukudome, Soriano and Baker brought the Cubs back from an early 3-0 deficit and the bullpen gave up no runs.  John Grabow got some help from... Read more »