Tag: Daniel Hudson

White Sox in Haiku: Diamondbacks 4, White Sox 1

Sox score just one run But Hudson finds way to win…..Oops….he’s not on Sox

White Sox in Haiku: Athletics 6, White Sox 4

Hudson no PeavyAs Sox lose to A’s again Let’s just get back home

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 6, Mariners 1

Take Hudson‘s pitching Add in homeruns and twelve hits New win streak begins

White Sox in Haiku: Twins 7, White Sox 0

Hudson pitches well But White Sox score ZERO runs For the 13th time

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 12, Red Sox 2

Sox pound 20 hits Ozzie Gets 500th win As Sox score 12 runs The future looks bright Beckham, Hudson and Flowers You better wear shades

White Sox in Haiku: White Sox 8, Athletics 7

Game of highs and lows The offense started way up Contreras fell down A win is a win As Alexei saves the night With home run in tenth Pitchers on the way? With both Peavy and Hudson Games of highs and highs?