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Hendry In Haiku: The Convenient Scapegoat

Hendry In Haiku: The Convenient Scapegoat
I’m going to say That the lack of blog posts here Is Jim Hendry’s fault Of course that’s not true But I’m still gonna say it He’ll be my scapegoat   I haven’t posted anything since the “Santo statue game” on August 10th. I’ve been busy, distracted, bored, uninspired. Not even the surreal (or possibly... Read more »

Uprisings In Haiku: Mubarak Gone, Kenney Next?

Can angry Cubs fans Accomplish what Egyptians Managed to get done? Mubarak is gone Cheering crowds hope it’s better With new President The Cubs have problems You’ll find two of the biggest In the front office How ’bout it Cubs fans? Demand a new President And new GM, too! I honestly don’t mean to make... Read more »

Cubs In Haiku: What's The Deal?

Is there now a deal To sell the Cubs to Utay? Crain’s Business says yes Trib says no deal yet Crane Kenney says he just wants To settle it soon