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Bulls In Haiku: Bobcats 83, Bulls 82

Ronnie Brewer appeals for a foul call. (Tribune photo by Chris Sweda)  Home winning streak ends Derrick’s buzzer shot falls short  Bulls lose by just one Thirty-nine percent Was all the offense managed Lowest of the year

Inertia in Haiku: Bulls 98, Bobcats 89

Objects in motionWill tend to stay in motion– Sir Isaac Newton Can the Bulls hold onto their winning inertia in the post-season? Would be an upsetBut as Noah said last night,“Let’s [go] shock the world!”

Bulls in Haiku: Bobcats 113, Bulls 108

Bulls behind until – Tie it up with 2 to goCannot close the deal.

Bulls in Haiku: Bulls 93, Bobcats 90

Lacking in defenseThis game was won by offense.Three and O at home!