There's no debate: Clinton and Trump can agree about the Cubs

There's no debate: Clinton and Trump can agree about the Cubs

Debate? Divisive.
Baseball? More milestones achieved.
Cubs. Unifiers?

The Cubs beat the Pirates on Monday night 12-2 for their 100th victory. It's the first time they've reached this milestone since 1935.

As a bonus, Kris Bryant got his 100th RBI - and his 101st - with a 2 run homer in the 6th inning. Oh, and Javier Baez hit a grand slam.

But the truth is, like many fans, I skipped most of a relatively meaningless baseball game to watch the first Presidential debate leading up to what will be a very meaningful election. Just days after the Cubs become the champions of baseball, voters will choose our next President.

The pundits I'm seeing on TV seem to agree that Hillary won, which sounded great to this Clinton supporter. But they also seem to agree that, despite all the hype, the debate likely didn't change any minds.

But as I listened to the candidates, and thought about their campaign slogans, it struck me that Joe Maddon could adopt either of them - or both of them - and sell a whole lot of t-shirts.

It should be obvious the Cubs can provide some common ground and bring the two major parties together.

After all, the team colors are blue and red.
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