Cubs In Haiku: One is not the loneliest magic number

I really don't mind
All the "bandwagon" Cubs fans
Wrigley's best when full

The magic number is one!

Wednesday afternoon's domination of the Cardinals means the next Cubs game could be THE game. It could happen tonight, which would make my friend Michelle very happy because she'll be at Wrigley tonight. It could happen tomorrow afternoon, which would make me and my buddy Andrew very happy, since we'll be spending Friday afternoon together in the Friendly Confines with 40,000 of our closest friends.

Either of those scenarios would be fine. If the Cubs sadly lose tonight, I'll actually be hoping for a Cardinals against the Giants win so we don't back into the Division Title. And I'd rather not wait until Saturday, because that would mean a 2-game losing streak. I don't have much patience for my "friends" who smirkingly (is that a word?) tell me the Cubs will always find a way to blow it. Even two straight losses will bring out that silliness. On the bright side, they make it easy to shorten the list of who I might call when there are extra tickets to sell.

And, of course, during the last couple of seasons there have been more people asking me for tickets. Call them "bandwagon" fans if you want, but they don't bother me. In part, of course, it's because it helps me cover more of the cost of my season tickets.

But it's more about being at Wrigley Field with tens of thousands of real baseball fans. They don't even have to be die-hard Cubs fans - although that's a bonus - just people who appreciate the game and are willing to spend their money now that there's championship quality baseball on the north side.

I want more fans around me at the ballpark who know why Jake Arrieta deserved a standing ovation after a 14-pitch at-bat that ended with him striking out. Especially when that means fewer drunks who arrive in the 3rd, leave in the 8th, and sometimes aren't even sure who the Cubs are playing. Standing to cheer every time there are 2 strikes on an opposing batter in the late innings? Bring on more of that!

We've all heard the jokes about Wrigley Field being a place to party rather than watch baseball. Bandwagon fans seeking tickets means those parties are moving out to the bars around the ballpark, because more seats inside are filled with fans of the game rather than fans of Goose Island. Although real baseball fans still buy plenty of beer.

If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? You don't have to be a die-hard Cubs fan. Just someone who shares our past frustrations and our current excitement and is ready for real fun at the ballpark just about every single day.

Since after 2008, and until last year, there have been many lonely days at Wrigley Field with a half-empty ballpark and difficulty finding people who would take my unused tickets, even for free!

But it isn't lonely anymore. Looking for something to do to make your October more exciting?

It's time to get on board.

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