NLCS Game 3: The (Short Term) Future Isn't So Bright

NLCS Game 3: The (Short Term) Future Isn't So Bright
Nuccio DiNuzzo / Chicago Tribune

Back to the future?
I'd prefer back to the past.
August? September?

Today is "Back To The Future Day ", the day to which Marty McFly traveled in the second installment of the popular movie trilogy and learned, among other things, that the Cubs had won the World Series. But with the Mets leading the series 3-0, the Cubs would need the kind of comeback Theo Epstein experienced in 2004 to make that Hollywood prediction come true.

The National League Championship Series has not been kind to our Chicago Cubs. More precisely, Mets pitching has been brutal on Cubs batters. On Tuesday night the only Cubs runs came on two solo home runs, one each by rookies Kyle Schwarber (whose 5th post-season home run set a record) and Jorge Soler. The result was a 5-2 loss and the third consecutive strong performance by Mets starters.

What we need in the next four games is a young team playing like they did in August and September, ending the season with a 41-11 run to reach the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh. We need the team that came back with 3 straight wins to eliminate the Cardinals after losing Game 1 of the NLDS.

Although fans can be confident of a bright future for the Cubs, the short term might bring disappointment. One loss between now and Sunday will bring this great season - better than any of us expected - to an end.

But I'll be at Wrigley Field tonight and, hopefully, tomorrow cheering on the Cubs and staying optimistic that there will Cubs baseball to watch on Saturday and Sunday.

And next week.

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