Twitter In Haiku: The Ninth Inning

Twitter In Haiku: The Ninth Inning
Mike Olt strikes out to end the game (Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune)

A change of format today - the haiku will come later. I was busy last night and didn't tune into the Cubs game until the 8th inning, with the Cubs losing 3-0. Just as Pat and Ron started wondering if the Cubs could come from behind  for a third time in as many games , Matt Szczur walked to lead off the inning. He would draw another walk in the ninth.

Then the Cubs radio team mentioned that conditions were not good for a home run - and Wellington Castillo put the ball into the once and future bleachers for a 2-run homer. Suddenly it was a 1-run game as I arrived home and could watch the rest of the game on CSN.

Even after Chris Coghlan struck out - uncharacteristically of late - to end the rally, it seemed possible the Cubs could win.  But Aroldis Chapman came in to close for the Reds. The Cubs threatened, but 100 MPH fastballs are tough to hit - especially when you've got an injured wrist like Mike Olt, who struck out to end the game. .The Cubs lost 3-2 and fell into second place after just 1 day atop the NL Central.

Here's how I spent the ninth inning on Twitter.

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