The Cubs In Haiku: The Glass (Might Be) Half Full

The Cubs In Haiku: The Glass (Might Be) Half Full

Baez and Hendricks
Reasons for optimism
Just wait 'til next year*


*Or maybe the year after that


In his third major league game, Javier Baez had his best performance so far. 3-for-4, 2 home runs, 4 RBIs. A strong 8-inning pitching performance by another youngster, Kyle Hendricks (3-1 after 5 starts) didn't hurt either. The Cubs beat the Rockies 6-2 to take the road-trip-ending series in Denver.

Baez will make his Wrigley Field debut on Friday as the Cubs return home to face Tampa Bay and Milwaukee. The crowd should be bigger than usual as we get our first chance to see that amazing swing in person.



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