The Cubs In Haiku: Javier Baez Goes 1 For 6

The Cubs In Haiku: Javier Baez Goes 1 For 6
Chicago Tribune photo of Javier Baez's tattoo by John J. Kim


Javier Baez
Finally gets his first hit
A home run - CUBS WIN!

The newest Cubs savior, Javier Baez, made his major league debut Tuesday night playing second base against the Colorado Rockies, one of the few teams in baseball with a worse record than the Cubs.

It didn't start well.  Baez struck out in his first at-bat and twice more during the game (including once on three pitches).  Before he walked to the plate to start the 12th inning, the "phenom" had gone 0-for-5. The two balls he put into play were hit hard, but both a ground ball to third in the 4th inning and a bases-loaded liner to right in the 7th resulted in outs.

Then came the 12th inning. Baez drove the first pitch from Boone Logan into the bullpen to give the Cubs a 6-5 lead.

The broadcast team of Len Kasper and Jim Deshaies remained as positive as the most optimistic Cubs fans watching the game, talking about the speed of Baez's swing (which is pretty damn fast) and how hard he hit the ball when he didn't miss or foul it off.

But our glasses are half-full today.  All that Cubs fans will (want to) remember is that when Javier Baez made his major league debut he hit an extra-inning game-winning home run.

Welcome to the big leagues, Javy

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