Cubs In Haiku: Opening Day Tickets Are Still Available

Cubs In Haiku: Opening Day Tickets Are Still Available

How bad do things look?
If you look at ticket sales
Things look very bad


The Cubs have sent email several times in the past week letting fans know that Opening Day tickets are still available. These messages come with a warning that there is only limited availability, but it looks like the Cubs might define "limited" differently than their fans.

A visit to the Cubs website this morning revealed that if you want 10 tickets together, the "best available" seats would be in Aisle 411 Row 6 - nice seats in the Upper Deck boxes along the 3rd base line. Would you call it "limited availability" when you and 9 friends could get tickets together just 2 days before the home opener?

It was just a few years ago that if you didn't get tickets for Opening Day on the morning tickets went on sale you had to pay a premium on StubHub or from a scalper near the ballpark. Some of us even spent an extra 10% during a "pre-sale" event to make sure we were at Wrigley for Opening Day.

But that wasn't the case last year and, unsurprisingly, it's not the case this year either. Opening Day ticket sales are a pretty good indication of fan expectations. If those expectations are correct, fans can expect another dismal summer (after a cold spring) at Wrigley Field.

Surprised? Of course you aren't.

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