Mitzvah In Haiku: A Super Super Bowl Bet

Mitzvah In Haiku: A Super Super Bowl Bet


Seahawks or Broncos
Whichever team you cheer for
Everybody wins

Two Rabbis, one from Denver and the other from Seattle, made a friendly wager on Sunday's Super Bowl. But their little bet has now turned into a fund raising campaign for a charity they'll select together.

Rabbi Black thinks you should cheer for the Broncos:


His friend Rabbi Weiner says a Seahawks victory is a sure thing:

And both of them would be thrilled if you participated in their "super" fundraiser. See the "Make The Super Bowl A Super Mitzvah" widget in the side bar?  Just click on it (or click here)  to get to the donation page. The minimum suggested donation on the fundraising page is $18. If that amount seems strange, you should know it's the numerical value of the Hebrew word for "life", so $18 (or a multiple of $18) is a traditional donation amount in the Jewish community.

Here's a thought - have you organized one of those number-grid pools? Take 5% or 10% of the amount collected and donate it to the Rabbis' fundraising campaign. That way everyone wins - especially those who rely on the Rabbis' selected charity.


After you make a donation (or even if you decide not to) do the charitable thing and like my Facebook page.  Then, because you know you want to be notified when something new is posted here, type your email address in the box and click the "create subscription" button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.


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