Royalty In Haiku: Best Superbowl Ad Princess

Royalty In Haiku: Best Superbowl Ad Princess

A minute into the third quarter, it looked like the Superbowl was going to be one of those boring, lopsided games.  But the Forty-Niners managed to make it a game, and it was an exciting second half.  But most of the ads that aired during the game weren't all that impressive. Maybe it was because some sponsors released them in advance to get some early buzz.

Speaking of early "buzz", I did like the Volkswagen ad that suggested getting stoned is a great way to deal with the Monday blues.  And for this Cubs fan, it was nice to have Doritos show us someone else who was cursed by a goat.

If you're wondering whether Amy Poehler is one of the funniest women on television, her ad for Best Buy would put any doubt to rest.  It was much more entertaining that either of the "sexy" ads with Kate Upton or Bar Rafaeli.

But I really liked about 10 seconds from an otherwise uninspiring Toyota ad starring The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco as a genie who lives inside a family's RAV4.

The ad wasn't great
But their princess depiction
Was unexpected

A lame (and as we later learn, misunderstood) wish from dad, talking animals making fun of dad's lame wish, an uninspired wish from mom,  a young boy making a typical wish and, finally, another misunderstood wish from dad. Nothing too outside the box, really. But right there in the middle is one of my favorite images from all of the Superbowl ads.

The daughter wishes she could be a princess. But her princess was nothing like the one depicted in the ad from Doritos with the cross-dressing dad, and was not what I expected when I heard the wish



As the father of three girls (actually, adult women now) I was thrilled to see a little girl's wish to be a princess granted not with a Disney cliche, but with a powerful princess, avenging her father's death.

Well, maybe I wasn't thrilled with what she was avenging, but I liked Toyota's decision to make us rethink the whole princess thing.   Even if it was just for a few seconds in the middle of a lousy ad.

Thank you Toyota
For giving us a princess
Confident and strong

Did you like Toyota's princess?  What about the rest of ads from yesterday's delayed-by-a-partial-blackout Superbowl?


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