Jews In Haiku: Marc Trestman Named Chicago Bears Head Coach

Jews In Haiku: Marc Trestman Named Chicago Bears Head Coach
Tribune photo by John J. Kim

It certainly isn't breaking news that the Chicago Bears have settled on a new head coach - Marc Trestman, who comes to Chicago by way of the Montreal Aloutettes of the CFL. You probably know about his 59-31 record over five seasons in Montreal, with two championships. His last NFL job was in Miami almost 10 years ago, and he is a native of Minneapolis. But there's something else I've read about him that is more interesting (at least to me) ...


The new coach? A Jew!
So let's greet him properly
"Shalom Aleichem"


At the "Meet Marc Trestman" press conference today, the new head coach said he "can't wait to get my hands on" Jay Cutler - a sentiment that is often shared by many Bears fans - and looks forward to being "the GPS system of the team."  GM Phil Emery said Trestman was the team's choice because "he's a champion ... as tough-minded as anybody I've been around."  A tough-minded Jew?  Maybe Trestman is the Bears' Moses, ready to lead us to the promised land.

The Jewish press is all over this story. Trestman is the NFL's only Jewish coach, but he will be able to attend High Holy Day services with Chicago sports fans' other favorite (non-owner, non-player) Jew, Theo Epstein. And he can find one of America's best bagels in Skokie.



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