Christmas In Haiku: Songs For Jews

Christmas In Haiku: Songs For Jews


Some great Christmas songs
For those who don't celebrate
The birth of Jesus


I'm Jewish, so the "reason for the season" doesn't really matter to me. It's a day off work, a day to spend with family, and a time of the year with great music.

Although there are some good Chanukah songs, most of it pales in comparison to Christmas music. So, for those whose celebration of Christmas doesn't hold any religious significance, here is some of my favorite (mostly non-religious) Christmas music, with a couple of good Chanukah songs mixed in. Hopefully there are a few tunes that are new to you.

WARNING: The Sarah Silverman song is not  appropriate for young or more sensitive listeners. (Be sure to scroll down, the Spotify thingy shows only the first few songs)

Merry Christmas!


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