Cubs In Haiku: Let It NOT Snow

Cubs In Haiku: Let It NOT Snow

Cubs fans are ready
We're used to setting records
When things don't happen


Today could be the day when Chicago sets a new record for the most consecutive days with no snow. It's been 280 days, which ties an 18-year record, since our last measurable snowfall. The National Weather Service says there's a 50 to 60 percent chance of "light snow" that could exceed 1/10 of an inch, which is the standard for "measurable snow".

While plenty of Chicagoans are hoping for snow, there are many who would like to see us set a new record today. And I'm guessing many Cubs fans are among them. After all, look at this list of things not happening for the Cubs:

- No World Series victory since 1908

- No World Series appearance since 1945

- No post season appearance since 2008

- No post season win since 2003

Of course, there's at least one thing that hasn't happened which Cubs fans consider a positive record:

- No pitcher has no-hit the Cubs since Sandy Koufax pitched a perfect game against them on September 9, 1965.

So, when it comes to records for things not happening, Cubs fans are used to it. We relish in it. It's pretty much the only kind of record we can rely on setting.

I hope you'll join this Cubs fan in hoping that we manage to set another such record today.

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