Kippah In Haiku: A-Rod's Yarmukle?

Kippah In Haiku: A-Rod's Yarmukle?

For some Yankees fans
A kippah signed by A-Rod
Could be appealing


But they might prefer
To bid on a yarmulke
Signed by Ibañez



Was A-Rod autographing Jewish ritual garb in the dugout as he watched Raul Ibañez win Wednesday's game for the Yankees?

I just received email notification from my favorite kippah company (mine has a nice embroidered Cubs logo) that they are selling a Yankees "Pro-Kippah" signed by "super star 3rd baseman Alex Rodriquez".

Translation guide:
Kippah (Hebrew) = Yarmulke (Yiddish) = Skull Cap (English)


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