Farewell In Haiku: Len and Bob Split Up

Farewell In Haiku: Len and Bob Split Up


Brenly and Kasper
One of few bright spots this year
And now, Bob is gone


An awful season
But Len and Bob entertained
Made some sad fans smile

Today it was made official - Bob Brenly is leaving Chicago and wlll almost certainly end up in the Diamondback's broadcast booth, providing his unique insights to fan of the team he led to a World Series championship in 2001.

Here what Brenly had to say today ...

"It was great fun," he said. "It was the experience of a lifetime in my professional career, as much ridicuous fun as is humanly possible. The people I worked with, the crew and everyone were all great. I was grateful for the chance and the joy of working at Wrigley Field. And I was extremely fortunate to work with Len Kasper, who undoubtedly is one of the best play-by-play men in the game."

On most of the 162 game days last summer, the best thing about tuning in to watch the Cubs was the banter between Brenly and Len Kasper. Now, among the changes Cubs fans will experience next year, will be someone else sitting next to Len.

I'm reluctant to say someone "new" because conventional wisdom seems to suggest Kasper's new partner will be a former Cub. Over at Cubs Den, John Arguello is asking whether fans would prefer to see Kerry Wood, Mark Grace, Rick Sutcliffe or Steve Stone as Brenly's replacement.

Good luck, Bob. Cubs fans will miss you.

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