Bad Ideas In Haiku: Cubs Want More Empty Seats At Wrigley

Bad Ideas In Haiku: Cubs Want More Empty Seats At Wrigley


Fifty-six more seats
Fixty-six more unsold tix
Eighty-six this plan


According to Crains Chicago Business ...

The Chicago Cubs are planning to add 56 seats behind home plate by moving the brick wall three feet closer to the field, the team confirmed Tuesday.

The proposed renovation, which is on the meeting agenda for the permit review committee of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks on Thursday, would disassemble part of the current wall and salvage all the brick and stone cap to be incorporated into a new wall behind home plate, according to the agenda.

Since the wall falls under the guidelines of the stadium's 2004 landmark designation, the project must get a thumbs-up from the committee before the Cubs can get to work.

This year's attendance will be the lowest in a decade, dropping below 3,000,000 for the first time since 2003. By the time you get home tonight, the Cubs will have finished their worst season since 1966 - the third time in franchise history they've lost more than 100 games.

But somebody thinks it's a good idea to add a few dozen more empty seats in the ballpark's most expensive section.

It's hard to imagine a more ridiculous waste of money outside of Hendry-era player contracts. Another meaningless - and worse than useless - change to a ballpark in need of massive repair.

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