The Future In Haiku: Just An Hour Away

The Future In Haiku: Just An Hour Away


Cubs of the future
Prospects in the farm system
Just got much closer


On Wednesday the Kane County Cougars made official what had been reported a few weeks ago ...


The Kane County Cougars have announced the signing of a two-year player development contract (PDC) with the
Chicago Cubs.

"We are extremely excited about our new relationship with the Chicago Cubs,” said Cougars General Manager
Curtis Haug. "The close proximity between both organizations will be mutually beneficial in numerous ways.
We believe that the Cubs organization and their philosophies about the minor leagues, including scouting,
player development, and involvement in the community, are a fantastic fit for our franchise.”

"We are excited at the opportunity to work with the Kane County franchise,” said Cubs Senior Vice President
of Scouting/Player Development Jason McLeod. "The benefits of having one of our minor league clubs this
close to Chicago are numerous and we look forward to starting this new relationship.”

As the Cubs have unloaded many familiar names this season, we've been told that a new regime in the front office means an improved farm system and that the future will come from within the organization.

In fact, the good folks at Obstructed View like to remind us that The Children Are The Future.

Well, my friends, if the future is in the Cubs' allegedly revitalized farm system, then the future is closer than you think.

In fact, it's just an hour away.


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