Cubs In Haiku: Two All Stars?

Cubs In Haiku: Two All Stars?

Cubs have two All-Stars?
That doesn't seem possible
The way they're playing


The weekend sweep of the Astros aside, we all know this is a terrible season likely to end with more than 100 losses.

But there is a (very thin) silver lining to the cloud that is 2012 Cubs baseball. Youngster Starlin Casto and journeyman Brian LaHair were named as reserves for the All-Star game next week in Kansas City.

There's an argument to be made for Castro to start. But I think the general malaise of Cubs fans (the frequency of my blog posts is just one example) meant that fewer Cubs fans were voting.

But it's great to see him back as an All-Star, and I'm not the only one who's pleasantly surprise to hear that LaHair will also be on the National League team. Although some people disagree.



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  • Castro and LaHair,
    All-Stars, despite the Cub losses.
    Deserving are both.

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