Cubs In Haiku: Meet The New Guys

Cubs In Haiku: Meet The New Guys

From Texas - Brigham
Vizcaino and Chapman
Come from Atlanta

The rebuilding we were promised has begun in earnest. For a while last night it seemed like half the team might have ended up hugging their teammates goodbye. Strange things happen as the trade deadline approaches, but Dale Sveum was honest ... "I can't lie to you, it was the first time I've ever gone through that"

So far it's just two trades involving six players, although Ryan Dempster's schedule start tonight still isn't a sure thing.

Geo Soto goes to the Rangers for pitcher Jacob Brigham and the always exciting "Player To Be Named Later" (or maybe some cash ... or maybe Harry Chiti).

In exchange for Reed Johnson and Paul Maholm, the Braves sent two more pitchers - Arodys Vizcaino and Jaye Chapman.

Soto and Johnson were both fan favorites, and Maholm has been impressive - one of the reasons the Cubs were able to include him in a trade. But nobody should be surprised.

It was just a little strange to see it happening in the middle of the game Monday night.


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