Cubs In Haiku: So Long, Woody

 Cubs In Haiku: So Long, Woody
Kerry Wood at Wrigley Field Friday with his son Justin. (Tribune Photo by Phil Velasquez)

I'll miss Kerry Wood
He's not what he used to be
But I'll still miss him


The most exciting moment of the opening ceremony of the Cubs Convention in January was the announcement that the Cubs had re-signed Kerry Wood. In anticipation of a year (or two) or rebuilding under a new management team, fans were excited to have someone on the field who reminded us of better times.

It seems like memories ... and fantasies ... are all that Cubs fans have these days.

If the rumors are true, Woody has decided to retire after his next appearance. This saves Epstein, Sveum and company from having to cut him loose and incur the wrath of fans - even those of us who know that all we really have are memories of his earlier years.

He wasn't helping us to win games - quite the contrary. But when I saw him, I still remembered how things used to be. The things that go through the minds of Cubs fans sometimes make no sense at all. But I'm glad that he's retiring as a Cub.

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  • Phenom Kerry Wood,
    Master of the strike-out pitch,
    Couldn't strike out Fate.

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