Crosstown Haiku: Worst. Weekend. Ever.

Crosstown Haiku: Worst. Weekend. Ever.
Starlin Castro, after striking out to end the first inning on Sunday (Tribune photo by José M. Osorio)

Endless frustration
Utter humiliation
An embarrassment


If Kerry Wood hadn't decided to retire on Friday, there would have been virtually nothing enjoyable for Cubs fans this entire weekend at Wrigley Field.

For the first time since 1999, the Cubs were swept by the White Sox at Wrigley Field. And for the first time in the 2012 season, the Cubs were shut out on Sunday.

No offense - except for the "too little, too late" ninth inning on Saturday. Struggling pitchers - except for Kerry Wood's three-pitch final appearance on Friday. Add some loud, obnoxious Sox fans sitting near us just to make things worse.

I decided on Sunday morning to check StubHub for cheap tickets and head to the game. I paid less than face value, of course. But as the afternoon wore on, I wondered if I had made a bad decision:

The Cubs have the worst record in the National League, and are just 1 game behind Minnesota for the title of the worst team in baseball. By the time the Cubs return to Wrigley next week, after traveling to Houston and Pittsburgh, there might not be any team worse than them.

Then, just to pour salt on the wound, we have the new curse of Joe Ricketts. But more on that later.

As a great American almost said ... These are the times that test Cubs fans' souls.


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  • Sox sweep a trio.
    Reality has sunk in.:
    PR ? No, PU..

  • hahahahaha. GO SOX!

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