Shame In Haiku: Joe Paterno

Shame In Haiku: Joe Paterno
Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky

Children molested
And you did the least you could?
Say it ain't so, Joe

Like many, I've been left nearly speechless by the recent events unfolding at Penn State concerning child molestation charges against Jerry Sandusky. Early yesterday, I was amazed that the school was going to let Joe Paterno, essentially one of Sandusky's enablers,  retire at the end of the season - basically, on his own terms.

Fortunately, last night, Penn State decided to do the right thing and fire Paterno immediately.

I'm better at haiku than prose, so I'll leave it to Alyssa Rosenberg at to explain the Shame of Joe Paterno:

I understand how shocking it must be to have your trust and love for a man who helped you win a lot of football games and appeared to have an appropriate sense of the balance between sports and academics betrayed. But Joe Paterno’s right to do exactly what he pleased makes the fact that he didn’t do more than fulfill his minimum legal obligations particularly distressing, and like all the other people responsible here (and there are many) seems to me, I think he’s lost the right to dictate the terms of his retirement.

Joe Paterno’s right to his dignity is not more valuable than the right of children not to be assaulted by adults.

You can read her entire column here

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