Lost And Found In Haiku: Cardinals World Series Cap

Lost And Found In Haiku: Cardinals World Series Cap
This might be the Cardinals fan who Joe Couri is looking for


Autographed Cards Cap
Found on I-74
By Die-Hard Cubs Fan


Cubs fan Joe Couri of Brimfield, Illinois tells his story:

He was driving home to Brimfield about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. Traffic was backed up because of a vehicle accident with a deer. Couri, who had the bright lights of his car on, noticed the black and white colors of a World Series cap littered among the debris along the ramp. He knew it was a World Series cap because he has one, a gift from a brother. The signatures weren't visible until after he had jumped out of the car and grabbed the cap. It had clearly been run over a few times.

Couri wants to return the cap to the idiot Cardinals fans (who, I'm guessing, had it blow off his head as he drunkenly screamed out his car window) and hopes that "it's someone local so we can hang out." But anyone claiming to have been stupid enough to lose an autographed World Series cap is going to have to prove ownership:

Couri's first thought was, "Somebody's pissed off." Which is why he wants to return it to the owner - as long as the alleged owner can name the most unexpected name of those on the cap.

Hint: It's not Albert Pujols.

"Pujols has such a distinct signature I would've known it in two seconds," [Peoria sports autograph dealer Matt] George says.

While George has his own reason for not believing the Cardinals' first baseman signed the cap, there's another reason it's not Pujols:

There will be no World Series baseballs autographed by the entire St. Louis Cardinals team this year.

For those hoping to purchase a piece of history, they can blame Albert Pujols, whose demands made the process too costly.

According to Darren Rovell of CNBC, the signing tradition was scrapped because Pujols' demands "made ball cost prohibitive." Rovell also noted that Pujols has an autograph fee of approximately $250, which is the same amount charged by Alex Rodriguez.

Click here for a right-click protected image of the lost cap at the Peoria Journal Star website.

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