First Dates In Haiku: Meeting Theo

First Dates In Haiku: Meeting Theo


A lovely first date
Theo says all the right things
He's a nice young man


While shaking his hand
Cubs fans have one big request:
Put a ring on it


I laughed when when Theo was asked what he had learned about Chicago so far, and said that he needs to be "inconspicuous at Starbucks".

But I almost cried as he said this:

"When we win a World Series, It won't be because of any one person. It'll be because of all of us ... It'll happen because a scout drove the extra six miles to see a prospect. It'll happen because a minor league pitching coach took the extra time to work on a young pitcher's change-up ... it will happen because of all of us."

Yes, we've heard this before - and we've seen the signs at Wrigley Field. But somehow "It will happen" seems more definitive than "It's Gonna Happen". And "WHEN we win a World Series" sounds better than "We will win ... " or "Our goal is to win ..." Or maybe whatever he says just sounds better than when Hendry or Ricketts or Piniella or Quade says the same thing because I've got a man crush.

Whatever the reason, Theo Day was a great start to what fans hope will be a new era for the Cubs.   When asked why he believed he could do what hasn't been done in 103 years, Theo gave a hint about some changes in personnel, answering:

"When I got to Boston, they hadn't won in 86 years, and we didn't run from that. We embraced it. And part of that is bringing in players that care more about each other, and more about winning, than any of those external voices."

Changes are coming ... and I think we're gonna like 'em.


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