Curse-breaking Haiku: Theo To Chicago

 Curse-breaking Haiku: Theo To Chicago

He broke Boston's curse
Cubs fans hope Theo's the man
To get us a ring


The internet is atwitter with reports that the Cubs have a new GM:

After intense negotiations over the weekend, Epstein is close to accepting a high-level job in the Cubs' organization, major league sources said.

The Cubs had no comment on various reports that began to circulate Tuesday after the Boston Herald reported two sources believed a deal could be announced in as soon as 24 hours. A source close to the negotiations told the Tribune on Tuesday night the situation was "fluid" and there was no timetable for an announcement.

Epstein still could pull out, the source said, though he appears sold on Ricketts' pitch.

There is also speculation that an Epstein signing increases the chances that Ryne Sandberg will become the next Cubs manager.

That would make for a very exciting start to the off season, and increase optimism among Cubs fans. Of course, it couldn't get much lower after this season.

But Epstein has a lot of work to do if he's going to accomplish in Chicago what he did in Boston.

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