Conventions In Haiku: Two, Too Much?

Conventions In Haiku: Two, Too Much?

Two nights, two passes
Picture of two Cubs All-Stars
Two bleacher tickets


The Cubs have announced a new package deal for the Cubs Convention, January 13-15, 2012.

For the low, low price of "only" $480 you get:

  • - Two night stay at the Hilton Chicago
  • - Two complimentary Convention passes
  • - Limited-edition autographed photo of Ernie Banks and Starlin Castro
  • - Two bleacher tickets for an April Cubs game

I had already booked a room for the weekend, which cost about $440. If passes are handled the same way as in the past, that would entitle me to as many as 4 Convention passes for $20 each. So the package is no cheaper than what I'd be paying.

Still, the picture is a nice bonus.  I'll probably cancel my room and buy this package.  Why not?  It's the same price.

The bleacher tickets? I'll leave that for you to decide.

You can select from any of the opening week games against the Brewers, April 9-12 (Mon-Thu)*. Those are cold days at Wrigley Field - although if it's sunny that would make things a bit more comfortable less uncomfortable. I assume these would be "bronze" level games since they're in early April, so the tickets (at face value) are worth $17 each. My guess is that (especially with extra tickets floating around if fans take advantage of this offer) you'll be able to get tickets on Stub Hub for 1/3 of that price - or less. Last year, tickets for April games were selling for less than a dollar.

Theo Epstein in the front office and Ryne Sandberg in the dugout could make those tickets a little more valuable. But the Cubs are really just throwing a couple of hard-to-sell tickets into the package.

It's still an expensive weekend - I doubt an autographed picture and 2 bleacher tickets will be enough to lure fans to the Convention if they weren't planning to attend already. But if, like me, you're a regular convention attendee, the autographed picture and bleacher tickets are nice little extras.

Will you be taking advantage of this "deal"?


*UPDATE: For Jewish Cubs fans - the free bleacher tickets are for games during Passover.  If you observe the dietary restrictions for the Festival that means you'll have to bring your own food ... and <shudder> ... not drink any beer.


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