Sox In Haiku: White vs. Red

Sox In Haiku: White vs. Red

Some fans from Boston
Have just laid down the gauntlet
A haiku battle

Each game this weekend
We'll post haiku - White and Red
And you'll choose the best

Yesterday we were contacted by a couple of Red Sox fans, challenging us to "dueling haikus" during the series against Boston this weekend.

Here's who we're up against:

Blain Walker has been a Red Sox fan since moving to Massachusetts in the late 1980s. He has studied haiku with a teacher and has been writing Red Sox haiku for several years now.

Jon Harrison is a Massachusetts native who has followed the Sox since 1966. A published writer, he began writing haiku about the Red Sox after beimng inspired by Walker's haiku posted on the Boston Globe's Red Sox blog. Harrison and Walker are currently collaborating on a book of haiku about the current Red Sox season.

Their style is also a bit different than ours, so we're going to cut them some slack - especially because we've never "studied haiku with a teacher" or been a "published writer." Here's what Jon told me about their rules for haiku writing:

We do not adhere to exactly 17 syllables for each haiku, but take 17 as a maximum, with a maximum of 7 syllables in any one line. As I'm sure you know, the English-language school of haiku has trended toward more flexibility, with 10-15 syllables per haiku being favored by many writers currently.

We'll figure out how to include a poll so that readers can vote on the best haiku for each game. Although Jon already started making excuses by telling me, "obviously Chicago folks will vote lopsidedly in your favor" he will be mentioning the battle in the Boston Globe Red Sox message board. So it might be a fairer "fight" than Jon suspects.

Come back tonight after the game and chime in by voting and adding your comments.

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  • JonnyRedSox is my nom de plume for this site, but I am in fact the aforementioned Jon Harrison. We weren't striving for one-upsmanship when we told Ed that one of us was a "published writer," while the other had "studied haiku with a teacher" -- rather, we were just hoping to establish some cred with this excellent site, which Blain found awhile ago.

    Okay, enough nice-nice. Let me now express my sympathy for you Chisox fans, who are about to see your team fall another three games behind in the playoff race. Perhaps I go too far -- we're on the road, so maybe we'll only win 2 out of 3. We do need closure after that sweep you pulled off the last time the two teams met, and I think we'll get it. We are 64-39 after all, with the best offense in baseball.

    second city (really third)
    prepare yourself
    for a weekend of gloom

  • It was jealousy
    As much as anything else
    That prompted my "snark"

    As far as I'm concerned, anyone who is part of the "sports haiku" community already has "cred" with the people at Chicago Sports In Haiku. Your verse above is a great start to the battle.

    But as I'm typing this comment, the first game has ended and your boys have yet to figure out the White Sox this year. We'll see what Dan posts later tonight and find out if anyone's "listening."

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