Sox Haiku Battle - Game 3

Sox Haiku Battle - Game 3
Paul Konerko is hit by a pitch by Boston's Andrew Miller in the fourth inning. (Tribune photo by José M. Osorio)

Plenty of base hits
But too few when it mattered
Sox strand eleven

Jon tried to raise White Sox fans' spirits by prefacing his haiku with the suggestion that, "Maybe we'll see you again in October." Alhough. of course, he added, "If so, I predict a sweep by us."

ah, Chicago
once again
we paint the town red


Blain's contribution is not in his usual style. Jon says that Blain "is a tireless preacher against 5-7-5 [but] shows his virtuosity by composing a haiku in that format"

Sunday afternoon--
the lefties were good enough
to make the game fun

Red Sox 5 White Sox 3

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  • Haiku halfwit raises glass 'fore quaffing victory libation............

    sweat-drenched Chi-fans steam
    River Charles Bard earns a hold
    and Pap ends their day

  • Haiku halfwit honors Blain's masterful haiku stroke & three game sweep of haiku series.............

    looooong home team weekend
    gracious ChiSox hosts bow to
    Beantown haikuists

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