Sox Haiku Battle - Game 2

Sox Haiku Battle - Game 2
Sox manager Ozzie Guillen removes starting pitcher Philip Humber during the fifth inning (Tribune photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo)

Haiku battle
More fun for this White Sox fan
Than the game itself

For four innings
Pitchers battled, bats quiet
Nice while it lasted

Jon provided some nice commentary before his entry ... "I must say I was surprised by the lackadaisical play of your center fielder. Is he a friend of B.J. Upton? And I understand it's not the first time. That wouldn't be tolerated by our organization -- unless of course the guy was putting up Manny Ramirez numbers. In my triumphalist mood I offer the following haiku:"

Sox attack
ends windy city blues
Humber humbled.

And Blain, even before the game started, anticipated exactly what we saw for the first half of the game, sending this haiku:

while fan's settle in
vendors long toss peanuts
pitcher's duel tonight


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  • Haiku halfwit sipping his usual Sumatra dark roast this morning says, "Now, THAT'S more like it..................

    Chi-town offshore breeze
    brings steady rain of hits off
    thunderous Sox bats

  • Haiku halfwit is positive that somewhere up there Bill Veeck [as in wreck] is having a big belly laugh over this one......................

    moaning ghosts from past
    Disco Demolition Night
    now Haiku Hootenanny

  • Haiku halfwit mutters, "This ain't no no War of da Roses!"...............

    'neath waning moon
    Red Sox House of Yawk [ey]
    dispatches Pale Hose

  • I'm glad to see that my friend Haiku halfwit made it here to comment. He's been telling us that he couldn't figure out how to get on the board here. I guess he's known as halfwit for a reason . . .

    Actually, halfwit is a very erudite guy who writes some of the funniest doggerel around about baseball and other stuff. And one of the nicest guys to contribute his thoughts to the Boston Globe's Red Sox board.

    I don't like today's pitching matchup one bit, but I have faith that our mighty offense will prevail.

  • Haiku halfwit joins the fray on behalf of RedSoxNation.................

    spraying haiku hits
    to all fields halfwit defers
    to Blain for the long ball

  • Haiku halfwit raises glass on high 'fore quaffing victory libation........

    sweat-drenched fans steaming
    whilst River Charles Bard 'holds' forth
    and Pap ends their day

    Sunday crowd files out
    on short end of three game set
    and Bosox haiku sweep

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