Cubs In Haiku: Phillies 4, Cubs 2

Cubs In Haiku: Phillies 4, Cubs 2
Another great performance by Matt Garza was wasted on Tuesday night (Tribune photo by Chris Sweda)

Garza gem wasted
This time Marshall blows the save
You thought they would win?

Paul Sullivan wonders if Quade will be back next year ...

Now in his first full season at the helm, Quade is seemingly on the endangered species list himself, while Piniella is home relaxing in Tampa.

After the Cubs 4-2 loss to the Phillies on Tuesday night, Quade has 63 games left to convince Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts the team has shown enough improvement in the second half to merit a return in 2012, the final year of his two-year deal.

Quade, who has been criticized for his handling of pitchers more than anything else, watched his bullpen blow another Matt Garza gem.

After letting Garza hit for himself with a 2-0 lead in the seventh, after he had thrown 113 pitches, Quade removed his starter following Jimmy Rollins' leadoff single in the eighth.

"We were going to go one hitter at a time," Quade said. "We had decided to stay away from (Carlos Marmol) and try to get the last six outs with 'Garz' and (Sean Marshall and Kerry Wood)."


The Cubs still can win the series Wednesday, but Quade will be in the hot seat win or lose. With pitching decisions like Tuesday's backfiring all season long, keeping Quade is going to be problematic.

See those parentheticals in Sullivan's article? He's giving Quade a break. As I recall, "Q" ("Cueball"?) actually talked about "Marm" and "Garz" and "Marsh". These ridiculous nicknames are getting almost as annoying as Quade's decisions.    It's becoming increasingly clear that a new manager should be part of the "house cleaning"  (blowing up the team?) that seems inevitable as this awful season drags on.

Do you want to see Quade return next year?

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