Cubs In Haiku: Cubs 5, Brewers 4

2011-06-14  Castro Campana.jpg

Starlin Castro and Tony Campana celebrate the Cubs' extra-inning win over the Brewers on Tuesday night (Tribune photo by Chris Sweda)

The "kids" get it done
Campana and Castro show
How to win ball games
The Cubs needed doubles by Fukudome and Castro followed by an Aramis Ramirez home run to tie Tuesday's game in the eighth. But Tony Campana and Starlin Castro showed us what the team really needs to do to win ball games, because they're not going to win with home runs.  
Campana showed his speed again, stetching a single into a double despite Ryan Braun's valiant attempt to get him at second.  The rookie moved to third on Fukudome's sac bunt and Castro singled to right after the Brewers shifted to a five-man infield.  
That's two exciting wins in a row.  A win on Wednesday would give the Cubs their first 3-game winning streak of the year.  Is that too much to ask?
Probably ... but stranger things have happened.  
Just not so far this season.  

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