Cheap Jokes In Haiku: Oh, Anthony

2011-06-02 Weiner.jpg
New York Congressman
Finally admits the truth
"It was my wiener"
Representative Anthony Weiner on Monday tearfully admitted having a number of online sex relationships with women over the Internet, saying he was deeply ashamed of his actions but would not resign.
Weiner, a New York Democrat and a leading liberal voice in the House of Representatives who was expected to run for mayor of New York City in 2013, also admitted to inappropriate Internet and telephone conversations with six women but said none of them developed into a physical relationship.
I've always enjoyed watching Congressman Wiener joust with his political opponents.  But I certainly hope he changes his mind and resigns.  Democrats have been reluctant to speak out to support him during the week he spent lying about this.  Hopefully they won't be as reluctant to spend some time convincing him to leave Congress.  
It would also be nice to see the news media spend as much time reporting on lies told by other politicians even when there isn't a dick joke involved.  

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