Cubs In Haiku: We Were Winning, But ...

2011-05-17 Castillo Error.jpg

Wellington Castillo can't catch the ball - one of the four errors committed by the Cubs on Tuesday - and Scott Rolen scores for the Reds.

Cubs blow the lead - twice
Leave Cincy without a win
This way of life stinks

Four run lead Monday
But Reds scored seven in sixth

Cubs score three in first
But then commit four errors
Five unearned Reds runs
Thanks to Bleacher Nation and Ace's Enhanced Box Scores for helping me to quickly understand the reasons for these two losses that, fortunately, I was unable to watch. Follow the links above to see what I'm talking about.

 Reds 7, Cubs 4

 Reds 7, Cubs 5 


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  • "I hate this way of life" Umm...

  • Ummm, indeed my friend
    Your fine syllable counting
    Exposed my mistake

    For that I thank you
    You limited the damage
    To my haiku rep

    So now I've fixed it
    Though the opinion expressed
    Remains unaltered

    As fellow Cubs fans
    We both hate this way of life
    But we're stuck with it

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