Cubs In Haiku: Red Sox 15, Cubs 5

2011-05-20 Fenway Scoreboard.jpg

First game at Fenway
Since 1918 Series
Not only the game
But the 'GN broadcast team
Was not inspiring

It was Bill Buckner
Sitting in for Bob Brenly
Awful ... just awful

But it gave Cubs fans
Something to complain about
Besides the team's play

Some choice tweets from Friday night:
Best part of watching the game live is we don't have to listen to Bill Buckner's "analysis." Whose idea was this?
This is the second time Buckner has ragged on a 1Bman for missing a play. Is he serious?
I think Buckner's already been Raptured and just left behind his voice box.
When Bill Buckner isn't practicing fielding grounders at first, he's working on his color commentary


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