Cubs In Haiku: Best Buy Pack? Not So Much

Best Buy Pack - Tickets.png

Think it's a good deal?
Cubs fans should not be surprised
StubHub is cheaper
By now you've heard about the "Best Buy Pack" that the Cubs are pushing for all April and May games.  4 tickets for "as little as $40" including a hot dog and a drink. The $40 price is for "Upper Deck Reserved (Outfield)" ... that's the 500 section, as far away from the field as any seats at Wrigley Field.  But when I checked, there were no longer 4 tickets available for any game at that price. 
So the cheapest package is now $56 for the Dodgers series this weekend (actually, only tickets for Sunday's game are available at that price). The majority of the "Best Buy Packs" will cost more than $100 - and as much as $260 for good upper deck box seats against the Pirates.  
Here's what I found after a little comparison shopping at and
On the Cubs website you can get 4 tickets to Sunday's game against the Dodgers (Section 533 Row 6) for $85.40 including all fees.  
At StubHub you can get 4 tickets to the same game, same section, Row 8, for $41.95 including all fees.  
That leaves more than $43 for food before you'll spend what the Cubs are charging for their "Best Buy Pack".  That will certainly cover a hot dog and drink for everyone - especially if you're bringing kids who will just have soft drinks.  My guess is that you'll end up $10-$15 ahead by using StubHub.  And you can save a few bucks more if you buy soft drinks for the kids at 7-Eleven before you enter the ball park.
This is just for the cheapest tickets available.  Want to splurge?
For the Pirates game on May 29th, 4 tickets in Section 430 (Row 3) will cost you $313.88 on the Cubs website.  But at StubHub you can get 4 tickets for the same game, same section (Row 10) for $180.95.  That leaves more than $130 for food, enough to buy a hot dog and about 4 beers for each person. I think that's worth sitting in Row 10 instead of Row 3. And if you've ever sat upstairs at Wrigley, you know they're good seats.
So what have we learned?
If you compare you might find
"Best Buy Pack" isn't

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