Cubs In Haiku: (Almost) Free Tickets To Monday's Game

2011-04-04 Free Tickets on StubHub.png

Cash flow a bit slow?
All you need is a dollar
To score some Cubs tix!
How bad are Cubs ticket sales this year?  At this point it looks like only the Yankees series is sold out, with limited availability for the White Sox and Cardinals games.  
As a result of slow ticket sales, fans trying to dump their tickets on StubHub are practically giving them away - as low as $0.75 for Monday's game at the time I wrote this blog post. You'll pay more in delivery and fees than you will for the tickets themselves.  
There are 4,000 to 5,000 tickets for sale (that's 10% to 12% of Wrigley's seating capacity) for each of the April and May games.  The cheapest tickets are $5 or less for 10 of the 12 remaining April games.  
There are additional tickets available directly from the Cubs, but it looks like you'll pay more at than you will on StubHub.  
UPDATE: As of Monday morning, the $0.75 tickets are gone.  But there are more than 2 dozen tickets available for $1.00 or less.  Sadly, it's reasonable to assume that this will be the situation for the next several weeks - especially until temperatures start rising.  

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