Blackberry In Haiku: Win A PlayBook Tablet

Can you write haiku?
Then you could win a PlayBook
Blackberry's tablet

@BlackhawksHaiku and @CapitalsHaiku both told me this morning that Blackberry is giving away 20 if its new PlayBook tablets.  Why did they bother telling me?  Because you enter by posting haiku on Twitter!  There are two contest periods, April 11-15 and April 25-29, with 10 PlayBooks awarded during each period
To enter, you need to follow @Blackberry on Twitter and send a "fun BlackBerry related haiku poem" to @BlackBerry, including the hashtag #PlayBookHaiku in your message.
You are limited to 10 entries per contest period.  If you try to break this rule by posting from multiple Twitter accounts, Blackberry will get upset and disqualify you.  
There are some other restrictions - no copyright infringement, no hate speech or slander, nothing obscene or "illegal ... where the haiku is created" - the usual stuff.  So you might want to read the contest rules before posting your haiku.  
A well written tweet
In seventeen syllables
Could pay off big time!
Good luck!


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  • I wonder if my/Harsh words for Blackberry will/disqualify me? #PlayBookHaiku

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