Good News In Haiku: Cubs Shed 280 Pounds

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Adios, Carlos.

Great news for Cubs fans
5th starter will be Cashner
Not Carlos Silva
My daughter woke me from an afternoon nap (it's been a long week) to show me the headline - "Carlos Silva fails to make Cubs' roster." Like some bloggers who are much smarter than I am, the news was not quite what I was expecting to read.    
Was Silva also surprised?  After the way he pitched a week ago when I saw him during my spring training trip, he probably shouldn't have been. But this is what he said:
"Say what you've got to say and say it," he said. "Don't say people are competing for a spot. Because it wasn't true. Nobody was competing for a spot. They already had their rotation done. It was very clear."
I think most Cubs fans thought we'd be the ones making such comments in anticipation of the announcement that Silva would - almost literally - be anchoring the Cubs rotation.  
Yes, Carlos.  Most Cubs fans believed that the rotation was set and that we were going to have to watch your fat ass on the mound all summer.  But obviously, despite your attempt to blame someone (everyone?) else, the Cubs finally decided they preferred flushing $11.5 down the toilet to enduring your presence on the mound in a Cubs uniform.  
I'm pleasantly surprised that Jim Hendry decided to cut his losses. And I had to laugh when I heard one of the guys announcing the Cubs game on ESPN say that the team would accept a rosin bag in exchange for Silva. That was until I realized that there might not be anyone willing to give up that much.  
We got a good half season from Carlos last year, but little since then. Pitching coach Mark Riggins suggested to Silva that he go to AAA-Iowa for a tune-up, but Silva was having none of that.  ""No chance. That's not in my mind right now, not at all. I'm not an insurance player. My guess is that's what they want."
Fine with me, Carlos
Maybe someone else wants you
I say, "good riddance"


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