Cubs In Haiku: Quade - F**k Yeah!


Quade: I did it
Carlos Silva shouldn't blame
Hendry or Riggins
I can't add much to Mike Quade's reaction to Silva's infantile rant after being told that the Cubs didn't want him on the team:
On Sunday morning, Cubs manager Mike Quade said it was his decision, and his decision alone to drop Silva from the Cubs' 12-man pitching staff.
"People need to know, whether he was upset with Riggs or whatever, everyone needs to know that this was my call," Quade said. "It wasn't Jim Hendry's. If [Silva wants] to be irritated with somebody, this is on me, OK. It was my decision, complete and totally.
"I was really disappointed when I heard [Silva's comments]. First of all, he's dead fucking wrong, OK, about my pitching coach. And I have no fucking time for that."
Quade continued to admonish the former Cubs pitcher.
"Respect is a two-way street," he said. "I don't want to hear anything about respect. If you ain't giving it, you ain't getting it."
Bravo, Mike.  Bravo.

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